Tire Repair System with PermaCure Vulcanizing Technology for ATV/UTV

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Don’t let regular tire plugs leave you stranded out on the trail. Our tire repair kit featuring PermaCure Vulcanizing Technology permanently bonds to the rubber, giving you a repair that lasts the life of the tire. The PermaCure tire repair system is so easy anyone can use it.   

Other tire plug kits use a cheap resin string that will dry out and shrink, letting air and moisture into your tire. It won’t be long before you’re stuck with a flat tire again. But with PermaCure Vulcanizing Technology, you can fix a flat tire forever.   

•  PermaCure tire plugs permanently vulcanize to the tire, fixing it forever. 
•  Won't dry out and shrink like ordinary tire plugs. 
•  EASY, FAST, On the Wheel repair – Fix a flat tire in minutes. 
•  Great for all types of tires - ATV, UTV, Off-road, dirt bikes, lawn mowers, trailer and utility, tubeless, radial and bias ply. 
•  Made in the USA.   

When you are exploring miles from civilization, you need a product you can count on to keep you on the trail. Trust the tire repair that professionals have trusted for more than 75 years.